Silk Flushable Water Wipes 36’s

Silk Flushable Water Wipes 36’s


Silk Flushable Water Wipes are safe to flush. These wipes are made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. They are soft and gentle on skin; plant based, biodegradable* and plastic free therefore better for you and the environment. Plus, look out for the new look contemporary design coming soon. Silk Flushable wipes are also handy when travelling or out and about.

*According to independent testing under controlled aerobic composting conditions. Rate of degradation in landfill may vary.

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  • "I won't use any other wipe except Silk Ultimate® now- you can't go back! I love how durable they are, they never tear. .
    I like how there is just water and citrus extract. We’ve never had a skin reaction which is amazing."

  • "I love Silk Water wipes. Totally natural with nothing artificial I've saved money from not needing to use creams for nappy rash since switching over"

  • "The quality of Silk Ultimate® wipes is great, they are nice and thick, they never rip apart and stay moist in the packet for ages. This means I can get away with using less."